Pharma 4.0: the pharmaceutical industry looks to the future

23 Novembre 21
Pharma 4.0: the pharmaceutical industry looks to the future

The pharmaceutical industry is a leading sector in the economy of our country, which in the decade 2009-2019 recorded the best results in terms of increase in sales and increase in employment. In 2020, production reached a value of 34 billion, putting Italy in first place in Europe for production destined for export.

Growing competitiveness within the market, greater attention to consumer health and product quality have pushed companies in the sector to invest in research and digital innovation, with important results in terms of production efficiency, public safety and environmental sustainability.

The fourth industrial revolution

The term Industry 4.0 was coined at the 2011 Hanover Trade Fair to denote a project aimed at implementing the German production system and making it competitive on a global scale. Today, digitalisation, process optimisation and respect for the environment are the pillars of the so-called intelligent industry, which is increasingly oriented towards sustainability and excellence.

The survey conducted by Federmeccanica in 2016, analysing the characteristics of the industry of the future, focused on 11 innovative technologies, identified as “enabling and qualifying” with respect to the theme of manufacturing digitalisation: mechatronics, robotics, collaborative robotics, IoT, Big Data, cloud computing, cyber security, 3D printing, simulation, nanotechnologies, intelligent materials. Among the factors that make companies competitive on the market are the quality and innovativeness of the product, the ability to customise it and to provide related services.

Pharma 4.0: digital innovation and the strategic role of the pharmaceutical industry

Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry is of paramount importance as it is closely related to public health.

According to Farmindustria, digital innovation has a positive impact both in terms of supply to the consumer and in terms of quality and increased productivity, ensuring greater effectiveness, greater speed, greater control and better management of production costs. The results of this evolution, therefore, reflect not only on the economy, but also on safety and quality of life, the average duration of which has increased in recent years also thanks to the introduction of new pharmacological therapies. “Today, when the importance of the health supply chain has been recognised worldwide following the pandemic,” says Farmindustria president Massimo Scaccabarozzi, “we are witnessing a global race to attract investments, such as those in pharmaceuticals, which are considered strategic for development and national security. This is why it is essential to be effective and fast in order not to lose ground in international competition”.

Innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Medicines, especially highly effective ones, require reliability and precision at every stage of processing, in order to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the product, guarantee traceability, ensure correct information and protect consumer health. Automation systems make it possible to optimise production processes, maintain constant control over the entire production chain and achieve better quality of the finished product.

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