Tablet counting machine: tailor-made solutions and fast deliveries 

09 Febbraio 22
tablet counting machine for pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, which have been expanding for several years, have experienced a real boom during the pandemic. In order to be competitive and meet new market demands, many companies needed to readjust their production cycles, trying to optimise time, costs and resources as much as possible. In Europe, in particular, the counting sector has grown, a sector in which Tecnomaco has an extremely innovative machine. The tablet counting machine with the vision control system, which is compact, integrable and customisable, makes it possible to achieve 100% accurate counting without disrupting the production space.

Through an interview with Tommaso Serafini, Tecnomaco’s sales area manager, we describe how our company has been able to supply customers all over the world, quickly and at competitive prices, with customised machines and production lines capable of meeting current market trends.

Tommaso, how have you dealt with the new volume of requests?

2021 was a very busy year. Our customers were faced with the need to manufacture more and more products and needed a partner who could supply machinery adapted to the new production requirements, but above all deliver them quickly. The decision we made three years ago to create virtually ready-to-use machines in our factory, which only needed to be customised according to the customer’s specific requirements, has helped and rewarded us. Today we are able to receive orders and ensure fast shipments, customising the individual machine or the entire packaging line according to packaging requirements and production space.

Does the industrialisation of processes also bring advantages for the customer?

Certainly. Focusing on automation allows us to produce a very high number of parts, while maintaining high quality standards. Having machines in our plant that are as complete as possible, ready to be customised, is certainly a commitment from an economic, organisational and logistical point of view, but it allows us to be competitive. Our experience tells us that you can get the right price, the right machine, but if delivery takes 8-10 months you’ve lost from the start. Receiving customised machinery and complete customised packaging lines at short notice is essential, because it allows the customer to quickly update the production cycle and “attack” the market at the right time, thus increasing turnover.

How do you choose which machines and packaging lines to focus on? 

As we have customers all over the world, we have a perfect understanding of market developments and are able to anticipate future demands. We are currently building 10 liquid lines, 10 cartoning machines and 10 counting lines. The tablet counting machine with its vision control system is one of the most popular products in Europe.

What are the special features of this machine? 

The machine is the result of an 8-year partnership with the Israeli company Data Technologies (world leader in advanced counting technology). The tablet counting machine has a camera vision control system, which allows images to be processed in real time. Unlike sensor counting systems, which many of our well-known competitors still use, the camera vision system guarantees a 100% accurate count. This optimises processes and eliminates waste, ensuring more efficient and sustainable production.