Health and sustainability: the EU’s global strategy

28 Novembre 22

Health and sustainability are closely related issues, involving environmental, economic and social aspects. Among the main challenges facing the Pharma and Healthcare sector today is undoubtedly the need to accelerate the green transition: a priority for institutional agendas, but also for new consumer groups, which are increasingly inclined to buy eco-friendly products.

The EU’s global strategy, in addition to reaffirming the link between the well-being of the population and the well-being of the planet, shines a spotlight on the issue of equity, i.e., the need to ensure full accessibility to medicines and adequate health care for everyone, even in times of crisis. Without neglecting the importance of innovation and research, which are essential for increasing the sustainability and competitiveness of a sector that, in addition to its crucial role in public health, has proven to have a driving effect on the economy as well.

The European health strategy

On November 15, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, acting on a proposal from the European Commission, reached agreement on the EU budget for 2023. The allocation is to allocate €739.3 million of the total budget to the EU4Health program, which came into effect on March 26, 2021, to promote health among EU member states and provide a comprehensive response to citizens’ health needs. The European Health Strategy, adopted as of November 2020, aims to create a legislative framework to meet the challenges of the future by reducing bureaucracy, supporting research and technological development of companies.

The review of pharmaceutical legislation, announced by Brussels, aims to achieve four key objectives:

  • Ensuring access to medicines at affordable prices and addressing unmet therapeutic needs (as in the case, for example, of rare diseases);
  • foster the competitiveness, innovation ability and sustainability of the pharmaceutical sector through production that ensures higher quality, safety, efficacy and lower environmental impact;
  • prepare diversified supply chains, monitor possible shortages of medicines and medical devices, to cope with periods of crisis;
  • ensure a strong position of the European Union on the world stage by promoting high standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

Tecnomaco’s commitment to combine health and sustainability

We have always been convinced that a company that operates globally, in a sector as crucial as health, must protect the safety of consumers and the well-being of the Planet in equal measure. Therefore, in addition to designing innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers, we have equipped our company with a photovoltaic system, which enables us to produce eco-friendly energy ourselves.

At the same time, we strongly believe in the need to promote productive and economic sustainability, which allows companies in the sector to stay “healthy” and be competitive in the market. Our machines, designed to increase the efficiency of companies operating in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors, make it possible to cut down on energy and resource consumption, reduce costs and processing times, and guarantee quality, reliability and safety at every stage of the production process.