Pharmaceutical packaging: skilled employment and career opportunities

18 Maggio 23

The pharmaceutical packaging sector boasts standards of innovation and excellence, which in recent years have contributed greatly to strengthening European and Italian leadership on the global stage. It therefore needs qualified profiles and 4.0 skills that can facilitate digital transition and sustainable development. This translates into hiring opportunities and career possibilities faster than in other areas, particularly for profiles capable of working in the field of digitalization and automation.

Focusing on technological innovation pushes companies to invest in the selection and training of specialised personnel, often looking in the direction of young engineers. To create figures capable of dealing with advanced production processes and increasingly sophisticated machinery.

The EU invests in the development of new skills

The European strategy aims to strengthen the autonomy and competitiveness of companies globally, particularly in areas considered functional for economic growth and sustainable development.

The European Year of Skills was inaugurated on May 9, promoting training and retraining in all EU member states. To develop skills in line with the real needs of the job market and create skilled employment that can facilitate digital transformation and ecological transition.

The Italian pharmaceutical industry: an innovative sector in every way

The Italian pharmaceutical industry, first in Europe in terms of production and exports, boasts 90 percent innovative companies. In recent years, it has shown that it can generate skilled employment, greatly increasing the presence of women and young people in the job market.

In 2022, the pharmaceutical supply chain recorded 68.500 direct employees, 90% of whom are college graduates and high school graduates. The female component is 44% and rises to 46% in the under-35 bracket, aided by corporate policies to support family and parenting. Pharmaceutical companies have also taken the lead on the training front, thanks to agreements with public research centres and universities. Not surprisingly, the percentage of young people employed in the sector has increased by 16 percent in five years.

Lazio: a hub of innovation

 “In Lazio, there are 1,808 innovative start-ups, accounting for 12.9 percent of Italian innovative start-ups, of which more than 1,600 are in Rome,” Chamber of Commerce President Lorenzo Tagliavanti pointed out at the conference that launched applications for Maker Faire 2023. The great fair dedicated to innovation, scheduled for October 20-22, will take place this year in the capital, which is also a candidate to host Expo 2030.

Lazio is thus confirmed as an important hub for innovation and aggregation. A fertile ground for the development of ideas and skills, in which the Italian pharmaceutical industry over time has planted solid roots.

Tecnomaco: an excellence in pharmaceutical packaging, with customers all over the world

On May 4, at the Faculty of Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome (Via Andrea Doria, 3 – Latina campus), Tecnomaco met with students of the Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering (with Computer Science, Electronics and Management addresses). The initiative, aimed at facilitating the meeting between supply and demand, connected the academic world with the business realities of an area that looks to the future, full of opportunities for young engineers who wish to invest in the development of increased skills, through field experience and on-the-job training.

Located just 30 km south of Rome, the Capital of Innovation, our company has customers in 80 countries around the world, concentrated mainly in Europe, South America and Asia. Our pharmaceutical plants represent a point of excellence in the Pontine area, which in recent months has become the European leader in pharmaceutical packaging. Always attentive to market demands and evolutions, Tecnomaco is currently looking for engineers with 4.0 skills, to be employed in the design and production departments, but also in the management and commercial area. Figures who will have the opportunity to operate on a global scale, in a cutting-edge and ever-expanding sector. People who, under the guidance of our senior profiles, will be able to grow humanly and professionally, in a dynamic and collaborative environment that fosters the consolidation of specialised skills and the development of cross-sectional skills that are strongly customer-oriented.