MD1 - MD2

Powder Microdosing - Assembling (or Capping) Machine

Machine suitable for powder microdosing and capping plastic/glass bottles, extremely compact and customizable. The special line NS is dedicated for powder dosing into plungers and assembling them with plugs. Designed for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

MD1 Dosing (1 dosing group) + capping (1 closure), up to 2.400 vials/hour
MD2 Dosing (2 dosing groups) + capping (2 closures), up to 4.200 vials/hour
MD1 NS Dosing (1 dosing group) + capping (1 plug closure), up to 2.400 pcs/hour
MD2 NS Dosing (2 dosing groups) + capping (2 plug closures), up to 4.200 pcs/hour


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